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How We Serve

The Hardwick Foundation provides emergency dental care to the Masai people in the small village of Talek, Kenya. The average income in this region is $1000 a year so most dental care is prohibitive. It is our teams’ obligation and joy to provide care for those in pain. There was no charge to the patients, some who waited all day, and travelled miles and miles.

The Cost

100% of donations are spent on purchasing and transporting the needed equipment to set up a portable dental clinic.


Some of the items include

  • Dental Units

  • Portable Patient Chairs

  • Dentist’s Stools

  • Sterilizer

  • Hygiene Instruments

  • Doctor’s Instruments

  • Surgical Instruments

  • Clinical Mirrors

  • Anesthetic Syringes

  • Anesthetic

  • Cavitron Tips

  • Dental Handpieces (High Speed & Slow Speed)

  • Disposable Gowns

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • Toothbrushes

Who We Are

Jim and Jody Hardwick met and traveled in Up With People in 1981. The year of global travel presented many “defining moments” about the world being a “global community.” Our responsibilities are to share the gifts and talents we each have to raise up all people to live with dignity and pain-free. Upon traveling to Kenya on safari in 2018, when seeing some small medical clinics, Jim asked if dentists ever come to the village. The answer was “No.” And ...the ten months of planning began! Jody is a dental hygienist and asked her employer, Dr. Jay Bhatt, if he would be interested in joining the team for the inaugural trip in October 2019. He whole-heartedly answered YES, and the first trip was on its’ way!

Looking to partner with us?

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