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MARCH 2025

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Serving the Masai People

A non-profit providing emergency dental care to the Masai people in the small village of Talek, Kenya.

Hardwick Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Hardwick Foundation is to treat and educate people toward a future of prevention, allowing each to live a pain-free dental life with dignity.

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March 2023 Snapshot
Completed over 4 clinic days


Procedures performed


Patients Treated





The Video That Tells It All

Our team's mission was to promote sustainability by providing education and dental care to the Masai community. This video highlights some of the special moments during our time there.

Where Our Journey Began

The average income in this region is $1,000 a year so most dental care is prohibitive. It is our teams’ obligation and joy to provide care for those in pain. During our inaugural 2019 visit, there was no charge to the patients, some whom waited all day, and traveled miles and miles. During the 4 clinic days with 8 team members, 191 people were treated and 258 procedures were performed. One young woman said, “This has been a miracle for me!"

Where Our Journey Continues

The Hardwick Foundation has been generously donated 1 acre of land in the village of Aitong. This area serves 10,000 people weekly on their market day! We will be building a clinic to create sustainability in this region that lacks accessible and affordable dental care. Hiring a native dentist to provide care year-round is paramount! The fundraising has begun to make this vision a reality! Click below to see how you can help.

Hardwick Foundation

Explore the beautiful place of Talek, Kenya with this interactive map.

Patient Testimonials

"My evenings were a nightmare because of the pain I used to experience every day. Cooking became a problem. Around sunset I became depressed because of the discomfort that awaited me. But thank you to the team that came to my rescue."

"There's no pain like of a tooth ache, even labor pains are nothing compared to that. I hate when a tooth hurts. I am so relieved by the extraction done."

"As a Maasai man, not being able to eat meat is depressing. It really broke my heart anytime I saw other men eating meat and I couldn't chew because of the pain. I am healed thanks to the doctors that came to help us."

Meet Our Amazing Team

Meet the people behind the scenes and read more about their hearts and why they chose to take part on the front line. 

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Help us meet our goal

A Non-Profit Partnership with Basecamp Explorer

Learn more about Basecamp at the links below:

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