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Serving the Masai People of Kenya

Together we can treat and educate people toward a future of prevention, allowing each to live a pain-free dental life with dignity.

2024 Trip Recap


Procedures performed


Patients Treated





In a country where dental care is often sidelined due to its expense, the Hardwick Foundation stands as a beacon of relief. They not only alleviate pain but also deliver high-quality care, making an otherwise unaffordable necessity accessible. Yet, even their intensive four-day clinics barely scratch the surface, turning away many in need. Establishing a clinic in Aitong has the potential to revolutionize access to care and become a true game-changer for the community.
Miriam Obegi
Chief Operating Officer, Saruni Basecamp

The video that tells it all.

Our team's mission was to promote sustainability by providing education and dental care to the Masai community. This video highlights some of the special moments during our time there.


Where our journey began.

In our inaugural visit in 2019, the need for dental care was overwhelming. Patients travelled for miles, waited hours patiently for treatment – a stark reality in a region where the average income is just $1,000 per year. Our team provided free dental care, fulfilling our mission to serve those in pain and with limited resources.

To This Day


Procedures performed


Patients Treated




Dollar Value

The Basecamp team and Hardwick Dental team for one final hoorah!.jpeg

What's Next?

Aitong villagers, 10,000 strong on market days, will soon have access to critical dental care thanks to the Hardwick Foundation! A generous land donation of 1 acre allows us to build a much-needed clinic, bringing year-round dental services to a region lacking affordable options. This project will improve the overall health and well-being of the Aitong community.

Our Team

Our Partners

Saruni Basecamp

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